About Us


Tolpin & Partners helps maximize the value of our clients’ patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property (IP). We also defend our clients against allegations of infringement, as well as their rights to use publicly available names, unpatented products, compositions and processes, and media content that are in fair use or in the public domain.

Tolpin & Partners attorneys are creative, assertive and strive to readily and economically accomplish the business goals of our clients. Innovative companies, growth companies, start-ups, multinational corporations, and others come to us for guidance when considering their IP options. Clients prefer that Tolpin & Partners represent them at the USPTO as well as handle their IP matters that are important for their businesses.

Our legal, business and technical experience allows us to tailor programs to the specific needs of our clients. We work directly with our client’s business, legal, technical and marketing managers to develop IP portfolios that align with our client’s business strategies and protect their brand names, innovations, technology, creative works, and products.

Our clients frequently come to our law firm in Chicago for portfolio management including national and international patent and trademark protection of their products and technologies to strengthen, expand and create a more valuable and attractive IP portfolio. We have established personal and good working relationships with patent and trademark attorneys around the world so that we can obtain the broadest IP coverage to protect the businesses, services, products, and services of our clients. Our attorneys and paralegals have worked with these foreign associates for years, forming personal bonds and long-standing relationships and trusts. These foreign associates are all among the finest attorneys each country has to offer, and each provides unique and valuable insight into the legal practices, rules and procedures in his or her home country.

Our clients highly value the quality services, counseling, recommendations, and advice of Tolpin & Partners.

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