Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The attorneys of Tolpin & Partners represent clients in litigation actions before United States federal and state courts, as well as in settlement and licensing negotiations, mediations and arbitrations. We combine deep knowledge in the substantive law of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and related intellectual property matters with all the tactical skills needed in the litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes. We are equally comfortable enforcing our clients’ intellectual property rights or defending against allegations of infringement, and we have done so for clients ranging from individual inventors, to small and mid-cap companies, to large multi-national corporations.

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Our Approach

At Tolpin & Partners, we recognize that the ultimate goal of litigation is usually not going to trial, but rather achieving the business results desired by our clients. We strive to obtain favorable results for our clients while minimizing legal costs. We prepare each case to achieve the business objectives of our clients. When we can best serve our clients by avoiding trial, we do so. At the same time, if trial becomes necessary, we have the experience, tools and organization to take a case to trial and achieve a positive result.

Nimble & Focused

Our size and the specific experience of our individual attorneys allows us to tailor the size of the legal team to the demands of each particular matter. Most of our attorneys have worked at large law firms in other parts of their careers, but have chosen to practice in a more lean and nimble professional environment. If a matter requires only one or two attorneys, we will not staff it any further. On the other hand, we can scale up to bring in all of our litigation attorneys if that becomes necessary. We actively work with our clients to determine and provide the right attorneys, with the right experience levels, for each matter.

Our experience matters

We have successfully represented clients at the trial and appellate level in both U.S. federal and state courts. We also act as local counsel for actions being heard in the Chicago area, particularly in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. We are familiar with the judges and local procedures practiced in the Northern District, and our small size allows us to economically and efficiently handle litigation while avoiding most conflicts of interest that can disqualify larger firms. We have supervised and participated in IP litigation in federal and state courts throughout the United States and have been very successful in mediations and in obtaining favorable settlements.

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