In a global marketplace, our clients value our patent expertise, creativity, recommendations, and advice more than ever. We know that keeping a competitive advantage is the key to your growing business. We work closely with our clients to enhance their business assets, and protect their technology and products. At Tolpin & Partners, we have the knowledge, experience and international relationships necessary to obtain and enforce your patent in the U.S. and around the world.

Practice Areas

Our experience matters

At Tolpin & Partners, we bring the extensive patent experience of our patent manager, Tom Tolpin. As former in-house patent counsel for a large multinational corporation, Mr. Tolpin successfully obtains, enforces, licenses, and defends patents for numerous technologies. Tolpin and Partners span the entire range of technical subject matter, including, electronics, computers, communications, internet, software, semiconductors, solar energy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fuels, mechanical, machines, automation, vehicles, farm equipment, lasers, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, food processing, plastic molding, engineering techniques, consumer products, and business methods.

How we can help

Patent matters handled by us include:

  • counseling on how and why to obtain a patent
  • preparing, filing, obtaining and maintaining U.S. international and foreign patents in over 180 countries
  • expanding the scope of your patent protection
  • communicating to you the patentability, validity, enforceability, infringement and clearance of your invention
  • licensing and assigning patents
  • investigating the status and ownership of patents
  • stopping infringers from unlawfully using your patent
  • defending you when you’re accused of patent infringement

A proven track record

Our track record is outstanding. Obtaining a patent is not automatic, but for decades, we’ve consistently and successfully obtained patents for our clients. But at Tolpin & Partners we know that getting a patent is just the beginning. We regularly draft our applications in such a way to secure the broadest possible scope of coverage for our clients to maximize protection of their technologies, innovations and businesses.

It’s about relationships

At Tolpin & Partners, we know it’s not just about building relationships with our clients, but also with other skilled patent attorneys, associates and agents throughout the world. It is through these international relationships that we are able to quickly and effectively file foreign patent applications to meet your global protection needs. Our U.S. clients can rely on us to procure, oversee and maintain their patents throughout the world.

Better Patent Protection and Proven Results

Tolpin & Partners are experienced IP attorneys who regularly and successfully obtain patents in the U.S. and throughout the world. Our experience helps us achieve greater patent protection for our clients.

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