Artists and businesses use Tolpin & Partners to obtain, protect, license, and enforce their copyrighted material against unauthorized users. Copyright protection is a set of exclusive rights granted for original works of authorship including literary, musical, and artistic works, such as books, websites, photographs, videos, computer software, and architecture.

Practice Areas

Entertainment, Media and the Internet

In the digital world, content users now widely and rapidly disseminate copyrighted material on the internet. Because of this, online piracy and copyright infringement are constant threats to any successful author, artist or content provider. Our copyright practice is focused on protecting our clients from these threats.

How we can help

We work with our clients each step of the way from copyright registration to enforcement. We negotiate and prepare agreements for works for hire. We can help you to avoid copyright infringement of another’s work by obtaining consent from the copyright owner, determining what is already in the public domain and what constitutes fair use.

Our main focus is on the creative and commercial arts, media and entertainment, advertising, marketing and other commercial matters. We currently represent:

  • software developers
  • authors
  • artist
  • musicians
  • publishers
  • labels
  • dancers
  • actors and theater companies
  • film and television screen writers
  • multimedia producers
  • website creators
  • videographers
  • photographers
  • graphic designers
  • animators
  • and other creatives

Contracts and Agreements

Since the entertainment, media and software industries are largely contract and agreement driven, we handle the transactional and business aspects of software, music, television, film, radio, publishing, merchandising and digital media. We also handle written agreements for the use and commercial exploitation of copyrighted content; contracts between artists, businesses, and vendors; and provisions concerning ownerships and right of attribution, and license agreements.

We provide the necessary guidance and representation to draft and negotiate favorable agreements for our clients. We also provide guidance on how best to avoid liability under these agreements.

Our experience matters

Our attorneys have handled a range of cases referred by Lawyers for the Creative Arts and other Chicago non-profit organizations. We have been featured speakers at conferences such as the CMJ Music and Film Festival in New York and the Midem Music Conference in Cannes, France.

A proven track record

We have been the enforcement arm for major recording artists and other creatives, having successfully and significantly reduced online piracy and copyright infringement. We have also successfully defended clients who fairly use content and are on the receiving end of enforcement overreach by alleged copyright owners attempting to stop or profit from them.

We offer targeted, cost-effective solutions for our clients and have a proven track record of harnessing both traditional and contemporary legal tools to achieve the desired end results our clients are seeking.

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