Data Privacy & Security

The use, collection and disclosure of information are fundamental parts of almost any modern business. Likewise, the protection and management of information and technology infrastructure subject many businesses to significant regulatory, transactional, civil liability, and reputational risks. Companies rely on us to help them manage their challenging and ever-growing compliance efforts in the areas of privacy regulations, audits, investigations and litigation. Our clients span every industry sector, with particular concentration in the education, health care and financial industries.

Practice Areas

Our experience matters

The attorneys of Tolpin & Partners can assist your business with meeting the challenges posed by the wide range of data privacy laws and requirements.  Our attorneys have attended the International Association of Privacy Professionals annual conference and local events held by that organization. One of our attorneys, Mark Bagley, has become a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US).

For many companies, determining how they can use data, who owns certain data, and what data must be protected have become some of today’s greatest business challenges.  Due to expanding use of the internet, digital systems, and cheap massive digital storage, more and more businesses collect and use personally identifiable information. At the same time, businesses are increasingly worried about safeguarding their own proprietary data.

How we can help

We can determine which particular laws apply to the data you collect and use, assist in drafting, auditing, and revising your data privacy policies, and advise how to structure your business relationships and contracts to best comply with data privacy laws.  We can also advise and assist in making the proper responses and notifications if a data breach occurs, develop strategies to minimize the legal and reputational harm from such events, and represent you in any disputes or legal proceedings resulting from data breaches.