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Internet & Media

At Tolpin & Partners, we guide, assist and represent businesses through the entire process. From the careful selection and clearance of new trademarks, through the application and registration processes, to the necessary maintenance and renewals of trademarks and service marks, we make sure your business is thoroughly protected under the law.

Practice Areas

Modern business brand strategies typically involve widespread use of the internet, websites and domain names. We assist our clients with domain name acquisition, enforcement and defense.

At Tolpin & Partners, we handle matters before domain name registrars by registering, assigning and transferring domain names. We conduct cyber squatting and ownership investigations related to domain name disputes. We will often assist clients by negotiating purchases and sales of domain names.

We use multiple tools to assist our clients with cyber squatting issues that threaten their businesses and reputation. Tolpin & Partners obtains domain name registrations while simultaneously obtaining U.S. trademark registrations to increase the scope of protection and assets of our clients’ businesses. We also clear and protect the content and designs of websites and provide legal counseling concerning the internet and software.

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